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Use Case: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Consolidations

As GPS Trackit grew through mergers and acquisitions, so too did the complexity of their IoT carrier relationships and rate plans. They found themselves facing the challenge of managing more than 12,000 fleets across multiple disconnected platforms and needed a solution that could scale with their business. To reduce the pain and cost incurred from these disparate data flows and ensure smoother consolidations in the future, GPS Trackit turned to Simetric.

“With Simetric’s unified platform, we were able to gain control, transparency, and cost savings. The diverse feature set enables us to proactively address potential failover points, increase optimization across rate plans, and automatically detect anomalies across hundreds of thousands of vehicles and SIMs worldwide.”

Kendra Wright – COO of GPS Trackit

“With Simetric, we have found an affordable, easy to implement option to enable the full potential of one of the most integral components to our business – cellular connectivity.”

Bill Constantine – VP Operations – CallPass

Use Case:
Revenue and Cost Assurance

Predictable, controllable revenue is integral for any business. That gets tough, though, when you have hundreds of thousands of IoT devices to manage. CallPass implemented Simetric to optimize workloads for their customer service team and assure more predictable revenue. With the ability to stack business rules to automatically monitor, activate, and deactivate devices in real-time, CallPass was able to ensure that services were provided to paying customers and functional devices – not costly rogue devices or non-paying customers. The result? 30% cost savings on day one, a happier device management team, and easily governed IoT device ecosystem.

Use Case: Process Automation

Embracing rapid growth becomes a challenge when every new customer has their own unique business requirements – unless you have Simetric. With seamless large-scale optimization and business process automation at their fingertips, ZipIt was able to grow their business without worrying about resource constraints or a lack of manageability. The insights available from consolidated data has also allowed them to optimize high uptime business, while still providing granular control for seasonal services. Bring on the growth.

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