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Unlocked Insights

Want to See Unlocked Insights for Your Business Through Simetric?

Within just a few minutes of logging into your Connected Device Platforms through our API interface, you’ll have unprecedented insight into your IoT ecosystem.

  • See it All — View your data in a “single pane of glass” after inputting your IoT platforms and carriers.
  • Control Your Future — Discover and adjust your connected business approach with predictive revenue analytics.
  • Take Action — Receive real-time alerts when connectivity malfunctions are detected.
  • Simplify Tasks — Integrate back-office duties such as trouble ticketing and billing into one hub.
  • Tailor It — Customize and package reporting based on your company or customer’s needs.
Global Coverage
IoT Connectivity Lifecycle Management Platform

Learn how Simetric works.

Simetric simplifies the complex data streams from large scale connected device ecosystems into a single dynamic view. Get instant clarity about issues and opportunities across your footprint. Is a device being misused? Is it down? Is it billing to the most cost-efficient cellular plan? Is it efficiently deployed? Are devices adhering to business policy? Simetric gives you these answers and more – in a single pane.