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Answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information

Does Simetric buy or sell connectivity from wireless carriers for IoT devices?

No. But since Simetric analyzes your device usage and rate plans on a daily basis, through our eight proprietary algorithms, you will gain insights and help to deliver the most cost-effective and lowest rate plans, if you choose. We review all optimizations with our customers and are with you every step of the way.

We also have established relationships with leading MNOs, MVNOs and trusted partners across the globe that we are happy to connect you with for your connectivity needs.

Is there a consulting fee or a scope of work required to do a Proof of Concept or Trial with Simetric?

No. Once you sign on with Simetric, our team will consult with yours in the setup of your initial portal instance. The length of this consultation period of time will vary and depend on the complexity of your needs.

How is Simetric priced?

Customers are charged based on the number of SIMs/devices that are active in their carrier’s IoT platform during a given month. We do not charge for inactive devices. There is also a nominal implementation fee to set up the portal that includes training your internal teams to ensure your success. We typically like to be side-by-side with our customers for the first three months to do rate plan optimizations, as an example. Every organization and team are different, so whatever support model and help you need – we are flexible and here for you and your team!

How do I buy Simetric and is there a contract?

We are a ‘customer first’ organization. That means you can purchase Simetric through one of our partners (this includes MNOs, MVNOs, Global SIs and/or IoT MSPs) or directly from us – whatever works best for you. Simetric has a ‘good/better/best’ SaaS subscription model with features aligning to the problems we help customers to address. For more information on subscriptions, please click here.

How are you different than a Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) and how do you fit with other IoT platforms (Jasper, Ericsson, IoTA, etc.)?

Simetric extends the functionality of existing CMPs. That includes advanced analytics, multi account consolidation, unlimited parent child hierarchies, historical consolidated ad hoc queries, bulk processing and a variety of additional advanced features.

What carriers do you support?

You can check out a list of the carriers we support here. The list is ever-growing, so check back often for updates, or reach out if you don’t see a carrier you need.

How do you pull information from carriers?

Simetric’s custom data fabric can handle data however it comes from CMPs and carriers. This can be all from APIs pulls to file-based updates (i.e. FTP) to streaming (i.e. Kafka).

Can you only see SIM-based devices? What about sensors or devices on WiFi?

Simetric connects to any SIM enabled intelligent edge device via a unified CMP control plane. For any devices not SIM enabled, further edge visibility and control is provided via the SD-WAN control plane. Simetric is able to aggregate visibility into all network interfaces (WAN & LAN). The Simetric platform is ever being expanded to provide additional device control planes to empower our customers with unified edge management control.

Who are some of your customers?

We work with customers in all industries. Check out a few of our case studies here.

How many customers do you have?

We work with customers and partners around the globe ranging from 50k devices to 5 million plus, and with every ‘connected’ use case you can envision – connected transportation, telematics, MNO and MVNO internal use, white label partnerships to extend CMP platforms, etc.

What is the Simetric Partner Program?

Simetric offers a variety of ways to partner depending on the depth of engagement and integration desired. These range from:

  • Referral partners where there is a simple revenue share model
  • Resell partners who own the customer engagement but desire deeper Simetric engagement post sell
  • White-label resell partners who own the full customer experience
  • Integration partners who want deep technical integrations where the desired features can be configured and exposed via API to be consumed into a broader end customer application

We have a partner model that fits every need.

Who are some Simetric Partners?

We are proud to partner with a growing number of industry-leading firms, including Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T, and more. Interested in joining the Simetric Partner ecosystem?

Get in touch!

Where is Simetric based?

Simetric has offices in Alpharetta, GA, Seattle, WA, and Pune, India.

How Much Can Simetric Save You?

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