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The ease of managing multiple Carrier Management Platforms in a single pane of glass is key to thriving in an edge-first market. Simetric gives you the keys to the kingdom.

Platform Features

Explore the features that let you take action across your cellular-connected IOT network.

About the Simetric Platform

Get to know the industry leading, award winning Simetric platform

Your Data in a Single Pane

All Your Data. All in One Place.

Simetric provides unified data, managerial insights and intuitive controls to optimize IoT deployments – all within a single pane.

Industry Standardization

Manage More Efficiently

The only platform to normalize CMP discrepancies and the lack of industry standards in the management of IoT cellular-enabled and intelligent edge devices.

Infinitely Scalable

Grow with Confidence

Thanks to powerful workflow and automation capabilities, Simetric scales with your business and easily allows companies to integrate and aggregate business units or companies through mergers and acquisitions seamlessly, without a thought, worry, or additional cost spent.

Immediate Time-to-Value

Achieve Day One Payback

Simetric customers experience virtually no ramp time. Once data is in the platform, you have immediate access to historical profiles, insights into anomalies and business process optimizations, in addition to rate plan optimization, meaning companies see value quickly and predictably.

Customer Controlled

Empowered IoT Management

Control is yours with the Simetric platform. And not control carrier by carrier or business unit by business unit, but with unified global workflow controls. Automation and rate plan optimization is only the tip of the iceberg. Explore the undiscovered potential of your IoT starting with business process optimization and the insights hidden within.

Platform Updates

In 2022 we rolled out several platform features updates that customers love. Watch the video to learn more about some of these. Schedule a demo to learn more about the full list of innovative features released!

Trusted by global enterprises for speed-to-value. improved operations. real-time cost control. predictable revenue.


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