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Simplex Wireless Selects Simetric to Deliver IoT Connectivity in Support of Global Connectivity Expansion

Simplex will begin extending new services and capabilities to its customers by partnering with Simetric to meet the ever-growing demand from customers deploying IoT devices. The inclusion of Simetric expands Simplex’s offering, strengthening what is already a leading connectivity management solution. The partnership extends the value of connectivity management, across all carriers. This means that customers can partner with Simplex to manage all of their IoT devices, regardless of carrier or platform. Additionally, this requires no rip and replace, change in connectivity plans, or additional IT investments.

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DCS partners with Simetric to deliver cross-carrier, single pane of glass IoT device management

DCS selects Simetric to consolidate wireless connectivity providers and optimize IoT rate plan utilization and business processes. The inclusion of Simetric expands DCS’s solution offering, strengthening their robust connectivity management solution offering. The partnership extends the value of connectivity management, across all carriers consolidating an unlimited number of platforms into a single pane of glass.

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