IoT Device Management Platforms

IoT Device Management Platforms

IoT Device Management Platforms empower businesses to remotely manage the Internet of Things (IoT) devices within their ecosystems. Sometimes these platforms are simply called “connected device platforms” but that shortened moniker underscores their greatest value: lifecycle management.

No rip and replace. Immediate time to value.

Without lifecycle device management, these platforms are ultimately just a way to automate things. While investments in such systems can be helpful in carrying out tactical heavy lifting with automation, they severely limit an organization’s ability to realize the full value of IoT. For when an organization is hyper-focused on automation, they miss the opportunity to embrace transformation.

Tangential to these outdated platforms also comes wasted time and money, poor customer service, and underwhelming features and capabilities.

With the right tools and data, organizations have a better chance at understanding business operations and planning for success.

These are the three essential elements of an effective IoT Device Lifecycle Management Platform:

Without all three of these components, a platform will fail to deliver true business value. Simetric is the only solution that offers all three, going beyond mere automation to deliver true value to your business with holistic device lifecycle management.

Our platform not only unifies connectivity and device performance in a single pane of glass, but moves your business forward with enhanced features and capabilities that enable business process optimization. A company of any size and any type can centrally manage all connectivity needs with the peace of mind that our platform will scale alongside their growing business.

enabling data-driven decision making

Insight at your fingertips

Data is your best asset, but only if you know how to interpret it. When harnessed by the right tools, it can be the competitive differentiator that puts your organization far ahead of the rest.

Data from proprietary platforms are raw and isolated. This fragmented view of your IoT data makes managing your business effectively a near impossibility. Simetric’s platform consolidates your data streams into a single pane of glass to give you unprecedented visibility into your past, present, and future IoT ecosystem.

We show you data you’ve never seen before, in a way you’ve never seen it, to reveal risk and opportunity within your business. Instantly spot costly anomalies, unnecessary IoT expenditure, and compare carriers right on your dashboard. Or, choose from over 200 device attributes to generate custom reports to better serve your needs. We even offer third party data integration and enrichment to provide even deeper insight into your IoT ecosystem.

insights that drive outcomes

Take control of your IoT ecosystem

Seeing the data insights is one thing. Taking action is another. This is where Simetric stands far above the competition. With platform features ranging from limitless stackable business rules to immediate high-usage SIM anomaly management to automatic customer activation control, our unparalleled tools empower our clients to fully manage their IoT device ecosystem.
customer service

A service, not a commodity

At the forefront of our vision is the customer. While other proprietary platforms focus on automating the inputs, we focus on delivering outstanding outcomes. To do this, we offer our clients full-scale services from onboarding to continued support to ensure that their goals are achieved and desired outcomes are being met.

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