5 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Edge Evolution

Recently, I have been commenting that every enterprise is in what I call an Edge-First digital transformation. Granted, many are still in their cloud-first phases, but even for these enterprises, the edge will be the next major evolution of cloud adoption and workloads. Where the data center was heavily addressed with cloud adoption, every enterprise … Continued

Securely Managing the Promise of IoT

Data is at the center of success for businesses. Managing it more securely will become even more essential in the coming years.  Timely, accurate, and actionable data is crucial for every industry to unlock work productivity, drive innovation, prevent accidents, combat climate change, and ensure food production security. On the global scale every facet of … Continued

5G is Going to Redefine Customer Success Efforts

“5G is the first-time compute and connectivity will be jointly presented in intelligent edge devices.” Technology has moved businesses to a SaaS and subscription-based consumption in every facet of the industry, ranging from industrial or consumer, introducing and demanding a focus on customer success to drive adoption.  On the one hand, this is absolutely needed … Continued