Recession-Proofing the Enterprise IoT and Edge Ecosystem

Whether you’re accelerating a startup to hypergrowth or supporting a large enterprise, learn why Simetric is the end-to-end IoT platform that works with your existing infrastructure and helps keep your IoT and edge device ecosystem current, flexible, and prepared for the future while providing stability in today’s economic uncertainty.

Uncertain Times

2021 saw 17 million layoffs, and as Q4 of 2022 moves to a close, the economy has endured a precipitous decline following an uptick in interest rates, companies scaling back, and forced to reevaluate their operations while slashing valuations and laying off thousands of employees. Even companies that did well pre-pandemic and experienced a surge of remarkable growth following the early months of post-COVID-19, are feeling the strain.


Broadly speaking, the results brought about by this constricting economy is twofold: increasing costs that lead to a slowdown in business growth.

This is especially true for companies utilizing edge networks, which need to scale in real-time to meet rapid changes in market and consumer demand.

In this constricting economy, how can you support growth, decrease costs, maintain agility and reconfigure your technology plans while maintaining the highest level of quality throughout the entire process?

When it’s time to grow, your rapidly scaling IoT and edge device ecosystem needs thorough, unified support to sustain the systemic changes you’re operationally executing throughout your business – by investing in technology that reduces costs and expanding your business’s reach without increasing headcount.

If you’re a network operator, entrepreneur or business leader who wants to harness real-time operational data and make sense of it at scale in the face of a recession (and beyond) — keep reading.

Find out how Simetric as an enterprise-grade IoT platform gives you complete access and control of your entire Edge Computing ecosystem, faster and better than ever before.

The Crisis-Proof IoT Platform Engineered For The Edge

Simetric’s platform and suite of tools is well-positioned to help businesses of any size through the technical evolutions that come with the turbulent economic stages of growth and constriction, providing the data transparency and real-time insights you need to adjust your approach for any economy or growth stage.

As you make the operational changes required to keep you competitive, you can’t afford costly operational inefficiencies. With Simetric, you can:

  1. Find procedural areas to optimize, avoid expense & cut long-term costs, saving so much cash, and harvesting trapped investments instantly in the realm of ~20% per month, to enable efficient growth seamlessly.

    As IoT edge devices become more sophisticated, they will have more ways to transmit data. This information can quickly become overwhelming, but with Simetric in place, it can be used to make real cost-cutting measures. Rather than focusing just on how much money an IoT solution will cost up front and the ongoing operational costs, companies should look to their edge networks as a way to optimize their business processes and cut costs immediately so they can free up resources for growth.

  2. Assess the efficacy of your edge network expansion with push-button device updates and rate plan optimizations that can be controlled instantaneously, singularly, globally.

    Simetric is designed to autonomously ingest & transform connectivity meta-data in the cloud, regardless of state of the networked devices. The result is a real-time snapshot of the health of your edge devices and services, and instant notifications when anomalies occur. This allows you to make proactive decisions about how to respond to network issues before they become problems worth worrying about.

    As an added benefit, Simetric’s business process optimization can help you pinpoint times when devices are inactive and automatically deactivate them, then reactivate them once they’re needed again – in real-time, by individual device or in bulk and also automate this process. This can save you money while also reducing the load on your edge network at off hours.

  3. Layer rules and automations to replace lost staff or empower your teams’ efficiency and ability to innovate to support their pivoting responsibilities while also increasing productivity and their ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.


    Simetric helps customers optimize their networks by providing automation capabilities that remove barriers to innovation and increase overall device productivity while reducing operational costs. Its cloud-native approach allows organizations to layer rules and automations into their networking environment in order to replace lost staff or empower their teams’ ability while also increasing productivity and driving out waste. Essentially, do more with the team you have and ensure business continuity in the event you have a crucial team member move to another part of the company or leaves.

  4. Rapidly generate configurable enhanced device actions and accelerate tailored AI data analysis that supports improvement implementation often extending edge device ROI and longevity.


    Edge devices like IoT cellular connected devices provide a wide variety of use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to make sure you’re capitalizing on all opportunities through smart, configurable enhancements that can be integrated with your existing systems.

    By utilizing the Simetric platform, you can rest assured that your IoT investment will continue to pay dividends not only in the first month of being deployed but also for years to come. A global leader in IoT and edge device solutions, Simetric allows you to deploy the right technology at the right time, exactly where you need it most.

So, whether your business is scaling up and expanding services, or constricting in services amid staff reductions, Simetric empowers you to keep moving, innovating, and sustainably executing.

Simetric Powers Business Growth With Secure, End-to-End IoT Edge Solutions

As the economy fluctuates from boom to bust, it can be hard for businesses to maintain steady growth. But those that do, including yours, are the ones that need to be more efficient than ever.

Simetric is designed for companies that need to address today’s challenges while also preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities—and it scales up as your business does.

Its comprehensive features provide a single source of truth for your IoT and edge devices and all the data they collect, so your teams can act quickly on insights they discover.

The next time you’re faced with a problem or opportunity, your team will have access to up-to-the-moment information about the current state of your devices and the applications they run. They’ll know which business groups can best address that situation and whether or not their proposed solution will have an impact on other areas of your business—information that could save you time and money by enabling you to make well-informed decisions quickly.

With Simetric as part of your team, you don’t have to worry about costly, disparate systems holding you back from achieving your goals.

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