5 Strategies for Efficient Management & Operationalization of Multi-Carrier IoT SIMs

IoT SIM management can be a tedious and labor-intensive task. Discover how Simetric’s IoT platform makes SIM management easier, faster, and more efficient, plus discover five strategies for seamlessly operationalizing your global SIMs.

If you have the end goal of optimizing business processes or improving how to deliver your products and services to your consumers, it is becoming necessary to connect global SIMs in order to create higher revenues and grow market share.

With the growing popularity and adoption of 5G technologies and the emergence of IoT, virtually every multi-channel business today is dependent on IoT SIMs in some form or another. This dependency is only going to grow in importance. In addition, the IoT SIM ecosystem in today’s business environment is only increasing in complexity: the number of wireless networks, the need to manage them, and different types of devices are challenging businesses  day-to-day and the development of longer-term strategies are impacted by the compounded complexity due to the  proliferation and immense growth of connected things.

Operators and business leaders need a well-designed platform that can activate, deactivate and provision multiple IoT SIM cards with a single click, avoiding unintended mistakes by having to operate in multiple, disparate platforms. Thus making the operationalization of multi-carrier SIM management much more efficient, reducing costs immediately, and saving you time and effort that can be used to pursue other strategic objectives. All without having to rip and replace any existing technology.

To stay ahead of the curve, here are five essential strategies for efficiently managing your multi-carrier IoT and Edge devices , and how Simetric ultimately helps you achieve them.

1. Reduce time spent on managing SIM cards by automating processes.

One of the most overwhelming tasks business leaders face while managing IoT SIMs is the sheer number of SIM devices that need to be kept track of. In normal operations, a SIM card can be provisioned and de-provisioned frequently. The situation becomes more complicated when there are multiple carriers involved, all with different sets of business rules and naming conventions. This creates a logistical nightmare for companies, who are unable to manage this maze of different SIM cards across multiple platforms and carriers.

This problem can be addressed by implementing an automated system that monitors all SIM cards in real time and updates them in alignment with a company’s business rules, not limited by carrier system limitations.

Simetric is a powerful and versatile single-pane-of-glass platform that is designed to reduce the time spent on manually managing SIM cards and automating processes like , activation, deactivation, suspension, force reconnect and other similar tasks. 

Utilizing Simetric’s automated SIM management solution, businesses can focus more on their core operations while enjoying all the convenience and cost efficiency offered by the IoT platform’s single-pane-of-glass solution.

2. Manage thousands to millions of SIMs from one platform.

Managing SIM cards across multiple carrier networks is complex and costly. Equipping each device with a local SIM adds to the challenge of device management while  impacting  customer experiences.

Simetric integrates with over 225 carriers and 1k+ APIs to  provide seamless management across devices and. A combination of cloud-based SIM management enables global connectivity lifecycle management, resulting in decreased operational spend and increased profitability, along with reduced and increasing productivity of internal teams managing all of these platforms. 

Our software eliminates several challenges by providing one platform for enterprise IoT and Edge device  technology across varying networks. With Simetric, enterprises can connect all IoT devices  regardless of carrier platform, expanding even to satellite and edge devices. Using our software, an enterprise can communicate seamlessly from anywhere, boosting productivity, security, and getting immediate ROI in the first month. Our typical customer sees a 8-10x return for every dollar spent with Simetric.

3. Have one single source of truth  for IoT connected devices.

Having to deal with multiple sources and platforms for varying  SIM management needs, each specialized with their own set of rules, creates fragmentation of responsibilities and accountability leading to inefficient (and costly) management processes.

Your solution lies within Simetric. With us, you no longer have to deal with multiple, disparate tools or a patchwork of platforms, each lacking the expertise or the global, cross-carrier reach you need.

Simetric provides visibility and insight from anywhere in the world at any time, empowering your team with not only automated processes, but also automated notifications and actions traditionally performed manually allowing you to focus on accurate and fresh data, resulting in significant cost savings.

4. Get visibility into your national and global SIM deployments  and the performance of each IoT device  to inform overall business operations.

Your customers expect flawless connections and uninterrupted speeds with their IoT connected devices.. You need to know how long it takes for a new customer to be fully connected and have performance statistics to compare.

If you don’t have visibility over the deployment of existing, much less new SIM cards, then you can’t provide good customer experiences and control costs. And as service quality is crucial for every business, this is simply not acceptable and risks introducing customer churn.

Simetric provides real-time data about the status of each SIM card, providing clear performance metrics and parameters across your entire network of operators. The solution empowers your team by providing real-time insights into your entire deployment with a centralized set of cloud-based applications.

5. Track SIM usage and analyze data in real time.

You have a business that depends on the connection to customers or internal customers and you want control over all device usage and actions. Seeing and acting on anomalies is paramount, to avoid costly overages too. 

If you’ve tried mobile device management (MDM) solutions, you may have experienced limited success because MDM tools were simply not meant for these kinds of tasks. These tools were designed to manage devices inside a traditional data center environment, not the wide variety of evolving connectivity. They also lack rich reporting and analytics capabilities that can help your company take advantage of this information.

Simetric makes it possible to monitor and manage an unlimited number of devices from anywhere in the world. Our unique combination of software tools and APIs makes it possible for any level of technical expertise to quickly define new rules and policies to ensure your devices are connected securely, efficiently, and in real time.

Stop Compromising: IoT Operational Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Predictability are All Possible

In the world of business process optimization, settling and the status quo can be standard but it doesn’t need to be. Everyone wants to save time, cut costs, and cultivate predictability in their organization, but rarely are all achievable with the same initiatives. We often have to choose: 

  • Save time to free up resources for other projects, improvements, and innovations.
  • Save money to improve operating costs, appease shareholders, and expand opportunities.
  • Develop predictability for data-supported strategy, reliable forecasting, and optimized growth without delays and uncertainty.

So, which would  you sacrifice?

You actually can have it all.

With Simetric, you won’t need to compromise. 

Simetric provides a compelling and world class-leading platform that makes IoT SIM lifecycle management on multiple carriers achievable, offering flexibility and unmatched power you won’t find with any other solution.  

It not only allows users to activate/deactivate IoT SIMS on multiple platforms but also automates several processes such as:

  • Identify rogue devices and control access
  • Isolate and automate actions for high-usage devices outside of business policies
  • Support multiple customers & business units on multiple carriers from a single pane of glass
  • Speed up activations using unlimited bulk actions that are more labor-intensive, and sometimes unachievable, on carrier platforms
  • Rate plan optimizations for variable rate agreements 
  • Analytics around cost/spend, by the carrier, by region, and by sub account/customer/business unit
  • Automate suspend/deactivate/force reconnect devices based on specific criteria
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