What is IoT Device Lifecycle Management

With a technology as complex as the Internet of Things (IoT), and the sheer number of devices that many organizations are trying to manage today, it’s no wonder that many are finding themselves overwhelmed and underequipped to manage it all.

That’s why we started Simetric: to help businesses like yours effectively navigate the world of IoT connectivity and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Our IoT Device Lifecycle Management Platform empowers businesses to remotely manage the IoT devices within their ecosystems.

But what exactly does that mean? And how does it help your business? Today we explore the many facets of IoT device lifecycle management.

Going beyond automation

Sometimes IoT platforms are simply called “connected devices platforms.” However, that shortened moniker underscores their greatest value: management.

oT platforms without management are ultimately just a way to automate things. Maybe they offer a way to activate many devices in one batch, saving your team from doing it device-by-device. But what if you need to change rate plans based on usage? Or suspend a rogue device in the middle of a billing cycle?

You can’t, because proprietary and homegrown systems hold your team back from strategically managing your devices. That’s because they only enable you to take action at certain touchpoints. And even when you can act, you’re having to make decisions based off month-old data. Your business – and your customers – deserve better.

Four elements of IoT device lifecycle management

With Simetric, you have control over your devices at any stage of their lifecycle. From activation to usage and activity, to suspension, you’re in the driver’s seat.

We provide the essential elements for an effective IoT device lifecycle management platform, including:

  1. A single pane of glass that gives you full visibility into your complete IoT ecosystem.
  2. Powerful analytical capability that yields business insight into deployment, cost drivers, churn, operational inefficiencies, and cost saving opportunities.
  3. Customizable reports and dashboards that allow you to manage your business quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently.
  4. Real-time, self-service action to enable instant provisioning, rate optimization, process automation, and more.

Without all of these components, a platform will fail to deliver true business value. Simetric is the only solution that offers all four, going beyond mere automation to deliver true value to your business with holistic device lifecycle management.

All your data in one place

With thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to even millions of devices, the data flowing in from IoT devices threatens to overwhelm many organizations today. When harnessed by the right tools,however, this data can quickly become the competitive differentiator that puts your organization far ahead of the rest.

Data from proprietary platforms are raw and isolated, making it nearly impossible to manage your business effectively. With Simetric, your data streams get consolidated into a single pane of glass to give you unprecedented visibility into your past, present, and future IoT ecosystem.

We show you data you’ve never seen before, in a way you’ve never seen it, to reveal risk and opportunity within your business. Instantly spot costly anomalies, unnecessary IoT expenditure, and compare carriers right on your dashboard. Or, choose from over 200 device attributes to generate custom reports to better serve your needs. We even offer third party data integration and enrichment to provide even deeper insight into your IoT ecosystem.

From insight to action

Seeing your data is one thing. Taking action is another. This is where Simetric stands far above the competition, and it’s where the true management of your IoT ecosystem comes into play.

Our platform features include limitless stackable business rules, immediate high-usage SIM anomaly management, automatic customer activation control, and so much more.

It’s these unparalleled tools that will empower you to fully manage your IoT device ecosystem. No matter the size of your company or the number of IoT devices in your ecosystem, our platform allows you to centrally manage all connectivity needs – now and into the future.

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