Leveling Up Your IoT Lifecycle Device Management

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IoT device deployments, of any size or type, can be a costly and unwieldy endeavor for companies that maintain relationships with multiple carriers. Organizations determining how to manage existing, rolling out new or migrating their IoT footprints think that by sticking with a single provider it makes sense for simplicity’s sake, but once you are locked in with one provider, you are most likely bound by the data, device, and service limitations that provider has on offer.

Maintaining multiple provider relationships promises to give more data, device, and service flexibility, but the operational expenses that come with managing disparate carrier technologies is a formidable challenge. The fact is, for many organizations, more carrier relationships mean more operational inefficiencies and hidden expenses.

Managing multiple carriers and need to activate or manage a single or even a few hundred SIMs? It sounds simple enough. But consider the steps it takes to manually manage across carriers. Likely, you will need to navigate to a carrier-specific self-serve platform to do it – a platform complete with its own login, invoicing schedule, and buttonology. It may be feasible to operate and manage your own environment in the self-serve platform of one or two carriers with very few devices. But once you are dealing with four, five, six or seven plus carriers at one time – with ten thousand devices each (and most likely more) – that’s when the costs (measured in both time and money) become painfully clear.

Don’t Settle. Greater Efficiency & Cost Control is Possible.

Rather than wrestling with multiple self-serve portals or settling for the limitations of a single carrier, the most successful IoT device deployments rely on Simetric’s groundbreaking SaaS platform to combine all of their carrier, device, and operator data into a single pane – in real-time. Sure, the underlying technologies of your carriers may differ, but with complicated carrier logic simplified into a single point of integration, what was once a sea of unmanaged cross-carrier data is transformed into actionable insights that can be monitored with ease in a uniform format and language. With your Iot connectivity data managed and monitored from one place, Simetric allows for real-time insights and cost control of your devices. Provision, activate, suspend and cancel devices individually or in batches, with just a few clicks. Write business rules and business logic that cross all the different carrier platforms at once. With such extensive process automation and optimization capabilities, where should you even start? Many of our partners start simple – such as finding a device that starts roaming when it has never roamed before. But once they see the powerful reach and capabilities they move to automating complex business processes that yield insights and benefits to every part of the organization – operations, finance, executive teams, customer success and beyond.

Planning an IoT device Rollout? Simplify with Simetric.

Evaluating whether to transition to a single-pane solution like Simetric may not seem like a decision you need to make today. Perhaps your management-by-spreadsheet regime is holding up just fine, or you have grown accustomed to the idiosyncrasies of your carriers’ platforms. But if your organization is managing tens of thousands to millions of devices or you are even less than that number and are poised for growth, considering ways to uncomplicate cross-carrier connectivity management should be part of your roadmap. Starting and working with Simetric is easy. Connect with our team for a free demo and we will connect your data to the platform in just a few clicks. From there, Simetric can show you real-time insights to take action on, providing you immediate time to value. Don’t miss out on the cost-saving and process automation and optimization potential that you get by seeing your data in one place. Get in touch and we’ll show you what you are missing.

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