Part Two: Have IoT and 5G created the largest IT channel managed service opportunity?

The industry leaders are casting a net hoping to catch the future needs of their customers, but are any truly helping a partner or customer capitalize on what they currently own?

The answer is, yes – technically speaking.  This convergence of a flexible radio stack implemented on hybrid cloud network technologies is expected to unleash a new wave of innovation in terms of new network architecture and services that will greatly expand IoT solutions as well as establish new IoT services.  Growth opportunities for vendors and channel partners alike.  But is any vendor empowering a strategy that allows the IT channel to establish a managed service and drive meaningful customer engagements on those billions of dollars of existing edge IOT equipment that will only enhance 5G in the enterprise?  A strategy that drives immediate value often in less than 30 days but still defines the path for more successful IoT and 5G deployments. 

Simetric empowers the channel and their millions of customers to control digital evolutions without a change in existing decisions on technologies or operators.  Harnessing the power of visibility on both sides of the network (operators and enterprise) to optimize value in their current install base of IoT Edge devices.  Simetric unifies the networking ecosystem enabling the channel to expedite the role of managed services in network evolution by establishing full visibility of all devices drawing connectivity, regardless if they sold them in or not.  Imagine, being a CradlePoint partner and now having full visibility to the competitive devices and how they perform.  To control a customer’s migration to 5G vs just a device refresh.  Full managerial, seamless control across ~180 global operators now from one management pane driving as much as 50% in operational savings for a customer.  Now being able to expand revenue opportunities not only with managed network services but also being able to benefit from the likes of Verizon’s Valued Partner Program (VPP) to couple connectivity into your managed services. 

Simetric bolsters the channel position on managed services and network device refresh by:

  • Bringing all IoT devices under a unified management pane
  • Enabling channel partners to aggregate redundant IoT budgets
  • Managing device performance including competitive install base
  • Overseeing network and device performance to enable more aaS engagement
  • Exposing Security opportunities with Simetric’s anomaly detection
  • Defining 5G progression opportunities coupled with broader IoT execution
  • Bringing more holistic aaS solutions under control of enterprise agreements

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