IoT Connected Transportation: Big changes, Even Bigger Opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming industries, and the world of transportation is no exception. As connectivity is enabled between modes of transport around the globe, countless businesses are looking for opportunities to solidify their place in the industry – now and into the future.

Wherever you fall in the spectrum of connected transport – from real-time shipment tracking to rideshares to fleet management and beyond – IoT has the potential to help you monitor the behavior of your devices (and your drivers) to improve safety and efficiency while lowering operational costs. However, in order to realize this potential, you must have in place the systems and processes to effectively optimize your business at scale.

This changes everything

IoT is changing the way we think about mobility. In its most basic sense, it’s allowing businesses to remotely track a trailer, fleet, or individual vehicle (be it a ship, car, bus, plane, train or boat) anywhere in the world. But it’s so much more than that.

IoT is making it possible to remotely gather information that can reveal opportunities to operate more efficiently, cost effectively, and intelligently. From route optimization to smart public transportation to crash prevention, the Internet of Things is transforming our understanding of transportation and offering insight into the myriad of ways we can improve it.

The problem is, it’s also introducing an enormous amount of data that’s threatening to swiftly overwhelm your connectivity team (if it hasn’t already). Without the right tools in place to consolidate, analyze, and act upon data gathered from IoT devices, you can’t expect it to deliver business results. Thus, this change in thinking must also be paired with a change in systems and processes.

Cruising ahead of the competition

Simetric gives you unprecedented visibility into your complete IoT ecosystem – as it stands yesterday, today, and into the future – to save costs, capitalize on business opportunity, and improve operational efficiencies. With IoT data aggregated across connected device platforms, carriers, and contracts and delivered in one single pane of glass, your organization will be empowered to make the smart, fast, and data-driven decisions necessary to cruise ahead of the competition.

Simetric customers are seeing a 30% cost savings or more compared to customers who aren’t optimizing their IoT device ecosystem. These savings are realized immediately, with some customers seeing their bills reduced by millions of dollars within their first month with us. This is money that can be reinvested directly back into your business, so you can take advantage of the endless opportunities coming your way.

And trust us, they are coming. IoT is opening up entirely new lines of business, and companies everywhere are scrambling to scoop up opportunities as they arise. With Simetric, you have the power to activate, deploy, govern, and deactivate every asset within your IoT ecosystem – regardless of device type, operator, or geography – with ease and accuracy. This means you can take advantage of chances to expand, transform and right-size your IoT device ecosystem faster than the competition.

A clear road to the future

IoT will continue to grow exponentially, as will your business – and ours. Our industry-leading platform allows us to scale alongside your business without a thought, worry, or additional cost spent. You can count on us to have an eye on the future of IoT device lifecycle management so you can focus on operating your business and serving your customers. So, whether its e-SIMs, satellites, or the next generation of telematics, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have full visibility into your devices – anytime, anywhere – with Simetric.

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