Federal Grant Money for Connected Transportation

$76 million in federal grant money will soon be flowing to states and educational institutions to improve commercial motor vehicle safety. Nearly sixty percent of that money is earmarked for High Priority (HP) grants to advance technological capability and enhance intelligent transportation system applications. The advancement of connected transportation is a clear priority of the federal government to secure the safety and efficiency of U.S. supply chains. And connected transportation companies can use IoT data from connected vehicles to be more profitable, competitive, and efficient too.

The problem facing connected transportation companies is that the sheer amount of data coming off each connected device is too great for any human analyst to gather, let alone put to use. But by ignoring or underutilizing connected device data, companies risk missing valuable insights that can spur growth and efficiency within their fleets. 

Operational Efficiency

The larger the fleet, the more operational efficiency becomes necessary to maximizing profitability. Unfortunately, when humans try to take on the task of analyzing data points from connected devices over multiple carriers and device types, things quickly become convoluted. It’s a bad idea to act upon bad data.

Simetric gathers all of the IoT data from connected devices, analyzes it, and displays insights in a single pane of glass. Operations can be tweaked as data flows in, in real time. Simetric customers are enjoying a 30% cost savings by optimizing their devices compared to companies that don’t optimize.

Better Oversight

Connected transportation brings the promise of easier route optimization, crash prevention, proactive maintenance for less vehicle downtime, and much more. Although all of these things are possible with an IoT fleet, bringing them all together in one big picture is hard to do. Geography, carrier type, inconsistent plans, and charges from rouge devices are all potential stumbling blocks that companies can’t always see or account for. But what if they could head these variables off before they affect the bottom line? 

With a complete view of all devices, Simetric gives connected transport companies invaluable oversight of their entire fleet and all associated connected devices. It is this high quality big data that can drive big growth through budget oversight that can only come from a fully visible fleet. 

Move Forward with Confidence

As new opportunities with Connected Transportation arise, the data and analytics gleaned from your global fleet by Simetric can empower your company to scale quickly and make essential decisions with confidence. As connected transport evolves, Simetric will remain a single source of information for e-SIMs, satellites, and the next generation of telematics.

As investment in connected transport grows, companies that harness valuable data with Simetric will be ready to confidently take action and thrive into the future. 

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