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The bottlenecks of oversaturated cloud storage warehouses and overburdened applications are coming to a head. Sacrificing efficiency and security is not the answer for enterprises seeking to accelerate their momentum despite data challenges. Edge computing might be, though

Demystifying the Edge: Capabilities, Challenges, and Opportunities reveals the:

  • Mounting disadvantages of cloud computing and cloud storage for enterprises
  • Proven potential of edge computing as a solution for modern enterprise challenges
  • Challenges of cultivating an edge ecosystem or infrastructure
  • Leading tools for enabling edge computing’s advantages and mitigating its shortcomings

“When we first started, we thought it was a ‘nice to have’. It quickly became a need to have. Now, I don’t know what we would do without it.”

– Connected Transportation Customer Managing 1.2M Devices

“Simetric saves money for our company so we can pass savings along to customers. If we can get really efficient with data that makes us more competitive in the marketplace.”

– Industry Leading MVNO

“Working with Simetric is very easy. I get a lot of interaction from the company. They make it easy.”

– Connected Energy Company Managing 500K devices

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