Unlocking Success in IoT Deployments:

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Join us to explore the challenges that companies must keep an eye on if they want to
succeed with their IoT deployments in 2023.

IoT is a quickly evolving landscape with innumerable moving pieces, technology components, and execution dependencies. Though many business leaders understand the importance of bringing IoT fully into business operations, execution of that strategic objective can be a challenge. With the mission-critical nature of IoT, encompassing data, AI, security, and cloud efforts, it is evident that this technology has come a long way from its early days of automation.

In the pursuit of success and growth, no business, regardless of its size, can afford to stumble on the path to achieving a seamless IoT implementation. The future of the business hinges on this crucial journey. In the months and years ahead, the driving force behind business transformation will be the integration of intelligent edge devices. It is imperative to delve into the common roadblocks faced by companies in order to unlock the promised operational efficiencies, scalability, and growth that a successful IoT deployment holds.

Organizations often encounter hurdles that can impede their IoT implementation journey. From intricate technology components to interdependencies in execution, the challenges are multifaceted. Recognizing the importance of overcoming these obstacles, Simetric offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to tackle the common roadblocks faced by those. Let’s explore some of these obstacles and the corresponding Simetric solutions that can pave the way for successful IoT deployments.

Common Challenges
to IoT Growth

Managing Disparity

The compounded complexity of integrating IoT solutions across disparate platforms, devices, and even internal business alignment remain a major pain point for enterprises.

The traditional approach of managing device-specific portals, support, and operating protocols in connectivity providers’ platform and the satellite variability for each IoT product used by the enterprise is not only costly, but it limits companies from developing a unified application that allows for a consistent experience across essential operating devices.

Simetric’s Solution

Common Device Rules and Policy Orchestration

With Simetric, the ability to establish and continuously customize and refine policy orchestration establishes common device rules to ensure that connected devices are always up to date with the most recent operating rules and anomaly detection.

With just a few clicks, businesses can now create or interface their rules engine, including enriching with 3rd party data like ERP, for seamless integration and connectivity across various devices and connectivity platforms.

This dramatically reduces the time needed to build IoT business critical solutions that offer consistent performance, quantifiable management metrics, and customizable analytics regardless of the carrier platforms used.

Common Challenges
to IoT Growth


Each business unit (BU) tends to duplicate operations, while dependencies on multiple carriers further compound the issue. These factors create significant cost barriers, impeding the efficient and strategic scaling of IoT initiatives. Additionally, the absence of a standardized approach to unified device management by IoT device OEMs and carriers forces companies to adhere to outdated execution methods, despite the remarkable advancements in device capabilities that could greatly benefit their business.

As the landscape of work undergoes rapid evolution, driven by advancements in edge and IoT technologies, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to adeptly scale their IoT deployments while continually eliminating inefficiencies inherited from legacy systems. This sustainable growth approach enables businesses to thrive in an ever-changing environment and seize the full potential of emerging technologies.

Simetric’s Solution

Centrally Control Bulk Actions Globally, Achieving Lower Operational Costs with Higher Efficiency

Purpose-built with scalability in mind, Simetric normalizes the disparities from IoT deployments.

A substantial implication of the carrier’s and OEMs’ legacy approaches is unnecessary inflated expense. It’s an unnecessary outcome that causes non-IT executives to question the ROI of IoT efforts.

As networking continues its shift towards the edge, administrators are faced with the growing need for enhanced control over devices, expenses, security, and customer execution. Simetric offers a powerful solution by centralizing these critical elements, granting users the ability to manage devices in near real-time through a centralized platform. With the added capability to perform “bulk actions” across an unlimited number of devices and carrier dependencies, businesses can seamlessly maintain their customized device policies. This centralized approach not only enables scalable operations but also empowers administrators with actionable insights in near

Common Challenges
to IoT Growth

Network Connectivity

Network connectivity has long been a necessity for data devices. That is not changing.

However, enterprises have long had to overvalue carrier connectivity because they lacked the visibility to see the true performance of individual devices. That lack of individual device usage is greatly exacerbated by the variability in the rules each carrier utilizes to govern a business’ devices aligned to them. Internal to a business, it is most common to find Procurement battling inflated carrier connectivity expenses and IT trying to better unify visibility to support greater budget ROI.

Intelligent edge devices need connectivity, but as they evolve to be multi-SIM, contain security, and compute, the implications of over-funding connectivity can be substantial. The need for connectivity may not be changing, but control of it is.

Simetric’s Solution

Unified, Actionable Connectivity Management

Simetric provides a unified workflow on top of existing carrier and satellite connectivity platforms to deliver customers increased visibility, control, and cost-efficient connectivity management for all of their IoT and edge devices.

The analytical capacities of the Simetric platform are able to aggregate the entirety of every device in a customer’s ecosystem starting with a 12-month historical profile to evaluate usage trends by individual devices. The initial analytical usage profile routinely finds customers overfunding connectivity 10-30% per month. These insights are immediately actionable via Simetric’s ability to execute bulk changes across customer’s carrier connectivity dependencies.

The Simetric platform further enables customers to see and manage their devices in near real-time against defined performance protocols they establish by device type. This not only provides actionable controls, but predictive analytics to further reduce unnecessary connectivity costs that negatively impact the ROI of their IoT efforts.

Common Challenges
to IoT Growth

Data Management & Analytics

The process of collecting timely and actionable data is often one of the biggest costs and limitations of IoT projects.

The disparity in IoT OEM and carrier approaches is a massive impediment to unified data management. The persistent challenge of the IT “swivel chair” legacy has plagued IoT initiatives for far too long. With the increasing capabilities of devices, the demand for a cohesive data management platform that facilitates customizable analytics has become paramount. It is now more critical than ever to address this need and establish a unified data management solution that harnesses the full potential of IoT devices.

Simetric’s Solution

Unified Data Management

Simetric’s normalization of the disparities across the carrier landscape provides every enterprise with a cloud-based unified data management and workflow platform to control their IoT devices.

Establishing a unified data view is not limited to devices; the Simetric platform enables data enrichment from sources like partner portals, ERP, billing, and provisioning to enable IT and personnel across Finance and Operations to establish much more actionable, quantifiable data controls.

The single source of data management is the foundation that empowers enterprises to use widgets and logic within the Simetric platform to establish an infinite list of customizable queries to support prescriptive and predictive analytics to ensure the success of their IoT efforts.

Common Challenges
to IoT Growth

Data Management & Reporting

Companies are still grappling with how to collect, manage, and report on the data generated by thousands to millions of connected devices.

Data is the new currency and IoT produces an extraordinary amount of it. But unfortunately, not everyone has the resources required to proactively manage the deluge of data generated by IoT deployments.

Simetric’s Solution

Secure Data Management with Simetric Lowers Operations, Finance, and IT Heavy Lifting

The increased volume of data generated by millions of connected devices creates distinct challenges related to the collection, management, and analysis of enterprise network data at the edge. The Simetric platform delivers advanced tool sets which facilitate the discovery and visibility of device behaviors across the distributed enterprise edge.

Gain insights into enterprise connectivity data from the dependent carrier and satellite networks that empower your breadth of devices across the globe, all in a single pane-of-glass. Simetric is an easy-to-use platform that provides unparalleled management of connected devices through an intuitive cloud portal and secure APIs that will reduce traditional wastes brought on by redundant BU and IT efforts. As a result, cross-functional operations and IT asset management are significantly enhanced.

Common Challenges
to IoT Growth


Maintenance is an often overlooked operational necessity and expense when it comes to IoT. IT must manage a huge number of devices, which in turn requires them to be very responsive to performance issues that arise with those devices.

Maintenance needs are both reactive and proactive, as IoT is extremely dynamic. Performance needs to be stable yet the parameters of device performance are historically tied to internal controls and execution factors on the carrier side. This has made managing the breadth of devices for the enterprise administrator a challenging networking task.

Take, for instance, the continuous firmware updates required for IoT devices. These updates play a vital role in ensuring optimal performance and device security. However, the historical execution of these updates has been fragmented, divided among different carriers, with monitoring and execution often constrained by limited capabilities and significant delays tied to billing cycles.

Simetric’s Solution

Real-Time, Customizable Performance Parameters by Device Extends Asset Utilization

Simetric extends asset utilization and reduces costs by giving you the ability to remotely activate, deactivate, and perform additional device actions across a limitless number of devices in a single action across more than 250 global providers.

The platform provides near real-time monitoring capabilities, customizable alerts, and proactive device rules to stay in front of device performance. These customizable controls and analytics are executable across the entirety of our carrier integrations, therefore, eliminating 1×1 legacy dependencies or those dependencies imposed by CMP providers. Universal control is now in your hands.

The workflow and analytical capabilities of the Simetric platform can be harnessed by various teams, including IT, finance, and operations, to elevate the traditional scope of M2M to build much greater IT asset management capabilities.

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